Ian Briggs and Supervampers

Ian Briggs and Supervampers

I was born in England in 1944 and began playing the harmonica at the age of fourteen. I was inspired to start playing blues harmonica when I first heard Cyril Davies playing with Alexis Korner during the early sixties. I went on to play with various bands over the years and despite earning my main source of income outside the music industry, have always maintained a strong interest in the music. I have been a full-time professional player since I sold my restaurant business in June 2001.

Recent work has included playing with Michael Roach which was an enjoyable partnership, and led to us playing in the UK, Ireland and Europe. I also played on two of his albums.

Another player with whom I have collaborated over the past few years is singer/songwriter Maurice Dickson who comes from Lisburn in Northern Ireland. I also played with Maurice on his three previous albums and will be making a DVD with him this year prior to some more touring together.

I have been working recently with Blues guitarist / singer / songwriter Jim Crawford, who also hails from Devon. We have a new CD coming out, and will be playing gigs together during 2006. Jim is a fine musician, and has a high reputation on the acoustic blues scene.

For many years I have been taking my band, The Supervampers, to Kinsale in Southern Ireland for the Fringe Guinness International Jazz Festival. Unfortunately other commitments have given me very little chance to go on the road with them but we are touring the South West of England during May this year in addition to our regular gigs. The new album 'Blues Avenue' is selling well and continues to receive great reviews both here and in Europe, we are already planning a new one for later this year.


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