Schedule & Performers

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Saturday 23 July

Reverend Robert 
3.00pm | The Fountain


3.00pm | The New Inn

Mark Harrison

5.00pm | The Fountain

Pete Gage Blues Piano Trio

5.00pm | The New Inn

Blue Street
6.00pm | Peppers

Basement Blues Collective

7.00pm | The New Inn

Last Minute Hitch ft Mark Cole & Rick Edwards
7.30pm | Gloucester Brewery

Ruzz Guitar’s Blues Revue

8.30pm | The Cross Keys Inn

D.B. Smith Band
9.00pm | The Dick Whittington

Sunday 24 July

Reverend Robert
3.00pm | The Dick Whittington

Fran McGillivray and Mike Burke
3.00pm | The Fountain Inn

Bob Smith
4.30pm | The Dick Whittington

Chris Gibbons

5.00pm | The New Inn

Hired Guns
 5.00pm | The Fountain Inn

The Foremen
7.00pm | The Dick Whittington

Fran McGillivray and Mike Burke
 7.30pm | New Inn

Monday 25July

6.00pm | Peppers

Reverend Robert and Friends

7.00pm | The New Inn

Innes Sibun Band
9.00pm | Café Rene

The Rumblestrutters
9.30pm | The Cross Keys Inn

Tuesday 26 July

Damon T (1st set) Luke Philibrick (2nd set)
6.00pm – 8.00pm | Peppers

Barney and Jerv
7.30pm | Tank

Brennen Leigh and Noel McKay
7.30pm | New Inn

Debbie Bond Band
9.00pm | Café Rene

Wednesday 27 July

Chicago Bytes
6.00pm-8.00pm | Peppers

Tommy Allen & Emil Engstrom

7.30pm | The New Inn

Adam Sweet
8.00pm | The Old Bell

Official Rhythm & Blues Festival Open Mic
8.00pm | The Cross Keys Inn

Bridget And The Big Girls Blues
8.00pm  | The Long Dog

Lewis Creaven Band
9.00pm | Cafe Rene

Thursday 28 July

Keith Thompson
6.00pm-8.00pm | Peppers

Damon T & Mark Cole

6.30pm | The New Inn

Greg Brice
7.30pm | Tank

Gordon Wood with special guests Derek Rutherford and Mansfield-Smith

8.30pm | The Cross Keys Inn

Open Mic Night

8.30pm | The New Inn

The Worried Men
9.00pm | Café Rene

Friday 29 July

The Sons of the Delta (accoustic duo)
6.00pm -8.00 pm| Peppers

Guy Tortora Trio

7.00pm |The New Inn

Friday Night Live Music

9pm Onwards | The New Innn

Blue Street

9.30pm | The Cross Keys Inn

Cafe Rene presents… 

The Green Stage at Greyfraiar 
7.30pm Funke And The Two Tone Baby
9.00pm The Mike Hoddinott Blues Allstars

Saturday 30 July

Live Acts
1.00pm Onwards | The New Inn

Stuart Earl and Michael Messer ( duo)
5.00pm -7.00 pm| Peppers

Troy Redfern Band
7.00pm | New Inn

Carol Dubois & Chris Quinn
7.30pm | Gloucester Brewery

D.B. Smith & Friends
8.30pm | Cross Keys

The Café Rene presents…

At the Greyfrairs Stage
2.00pm Four Dead Cows
3.15 pm Doug Macleod 
4.30pm Victoria Klewin and The TrueTones
5.45pm Swamp Candy
7.00pm Red Butler
8.15pm Solid Gone
9.15 pm Sari Schorr and The Engine Room

Dick Whittington presents…

1.00pm Wayne Elliot and Steve Browning 
2.30pm The Hush
4.00pm Luther Trio
5.30pm Sadie Roach And The Wayne Elliot Band 
8.00pm Luke Doherty Band
9.30pm The Worried Men


Sunday 31st July

The Café Rene presents…

At Greyfrairs stage 
2.00pm Will Edmunds Band 
3.15pm Doherty Band
4.30 pm Swampgrass
6.00pm Glas
7.30pm Della Grants
9.00pm Band of Friends (A celebration of The Music Of Rory Gallagher)

Dick Whittington presents … In The Beer Garden (Subject to weather)

3.00 pm David Bristow
4.30 pm Steve Kent
6.00pm Jim Crawford
7.30pm Steve Browning Band

The New Inn presents…

2.00pm Four Dead Crows
4.00pm Ruzz Guitar’s Blue’s Revue
6.00pm  Patsy Gamble’s Blues Collective ft Muddy Mannine

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